What do you eat on a regular basis in Ukraine?

Question: What do you eat on a regular basis in Ukraine?

For breakfast I either cook kasha, which is buckwheat porridge. It tastes decent enough, especially once you add some fruit. And I also like Muslix cereal.

The other meals vary. Nearly every day I have a salad, often Greek Salad, which is delicious and consists of the following: diced tomatoes and cukes, olives, fetta cheese, diced yellow peppers, and topped with olive oil. So, that’s a given, whether I make it at home or buy it in a café.

I like pelmeni, which are basically small raviolis with various fillings. They cook in seconds. I occasionally make pasta, but you good (imported) spaghetti sauce is expensive here. I’ve bought several versions of Ukrainian “spaghetti sauce”, and it’s merely ketchup. Yuch. I also do chicken and rice sometimes. And smoked fish on fresh bread.

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