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Ukraine: Kiev & Poltava Revisited May 2016

Article and images by Anelore Anderton After an absence of nineteen months my husband and I returned to Kiev and Poltava. We arrived in Kiev on Easter Sunday (1 May) and found ourselves in the midst of Pascal celebrations and activities. The picture outside St Michael’s cathedral shows an arched tunnel with people going through tapping eggs. Apparently it is traditional to greet friends and family by tapping eggs and reciting ‘Christ is Risen’. Easter celebrations seemed to continue for most of the week. In Poltava, on the following Friday, the theatre square and mall were set up with numerous ... Read More »

Ukraine in the Aftermath: A Visit to Kiev & Poltava

Article and images by Anelore Anderton My husband and I visited Kiev and Poltava in August this year between the 15th and 23rd of August. We went with some trepidation as the friends and relatives we wanted to visit said nothing to either encourage or discourage our visit, only commenting that their cities were quiet but no guarantees could be given that trouble would not break out during our stay. In the event we were all grateful we went ahead with our travel plans to Ukraine as it was a morale booster that took their minds off the fighting in ... Read More »

Meanwhile in Russia: My Journey – Steven B.

Church on Spilt Blood and Griboyedov Canal in St. Petersburg, Russia. This Church was built on the site where Tsar Alexander II was assassinated and was dedicated in his memory.

Russia has always fascinated me and has played a large role in my life since my teenage years. While my peers played video games and snuck alcohol from their parent’s pantries I was always up late lost in a book about Russian History or biographies of historical figures. My interests’ ranged from Kievan-Rus, Rurik and Romanov Dynasties, all the way up to the Soviet Union. I loved it all. As the years went by I put more emphasis on Russian culture itself rather than just the historical/political side of things. I enjoyed the films, particularly the fun and innocence of ... Read More »

Russia Travel Tips

Here are some general travel tips as you plan a visit to Russia: GET A VISA To travel to Russia, you need to apply for a visa. (NOTE: This is only true for Russia. If you’re traveling to Ukraine, you do NOT need a visa for stays of less than three months.) Any reputable Russian travel agency or hotel can get you a visa support letter which you’ll need for the Visa application. Rules change all the time, though, so it’s best to check with the Russian embassy in your country. (Just go to a search engine and type in ... Read More »

Discovering Ukraine by Anelore Anderton

I’ve now been to Ukraine three times in three years! My first visit to Ukraine was in 2011 with my husband and three other family members. Our decision to visit this exotic location was prompted by my Ukrainian heritage: my father had been born in the Poltava region of Ukraine in 1921. In a way, this first trip was a reconnaissance visit to see what the country was like and whether it had in fact thrown off the secretive shackles of its recent past. We discovered a vast and diverse country, rich in natural resources and beauty but with a ... Read More »

Randy Mauldin Trip to Simferopol and Sevastopol

As a child and into adulthood I had dreamed of visiting Russia and Ukraine. I remember vividly seeing pictures of the Black Sea and the most beautiful blue colored water found only in my dreams. I saw pictures of gold topped churches and high mountains with snow covering them and the thrill it brought with simple thoughts of seeing such beautiful sites. The excitement of walking in beautiful buildings as old as America made my heart skip beats and helped me to set my goal of seeing these wonders through my own eyes. This was the dream of my life ... Read More »

Dante’s Trip to Kiev and Vinnitsya

Name: Dante McElyea Age: mid-fifties Cities Visited: Kiev and Vinnitsya (Ukraine) Where did you go, and why? In 2012, I decided to visit two Ukrainian cities, Dnepropetrovsk and Nikopol, to meet a lady from an online dating web site. All my life I have read and heard that the most beautiful women in the world come from Ukraine. But, along with meeting that woman, another factor in going to Ukraine was just plain curiosity. Since I had been working and traveling to Germany and Holland for many years (as a contractor for the US Army), I had always wanted to ... Read More »