What are Ukrainian women like?

What are Ukrainian women like?

Russian and Ukrainian women are – to me – exceptionally beautiful and feminine. I’m sure that’s partly genetic, but it’s also a result of their culture. They tend to walk much more and eat much less than their American counterparts. (Unfortunately, they also tend to smoke more, but that, too, effects their figures: Nicotine is an appetite suppressant.) But due to a shortage of eligible bachelors in Russia and Ukraine, there is strong competition among the women to attract the few remaining good men. Hence the noticeably sexier styles of dress, and great attention paid to their appearance.

They’re also less interested in careers and more interested in having a family. (Of course, I’m speaking in general, and based only on my experiences.) I don’t know the statistics, but I guarantee you that the average age of women when they have their first child is MUCH lower here in Ukraine. I’d guess close to 21 years. Part of the reason is this: In Ukraine (and I believe also in Russia) the government PAYS WOMEN TO HAVE CHILDREN. For her first child, a Ukrainian woman will receive 30,000 grivna which is about $4000. For her second child it goes up to I think $7000, and tops out at $12,000 for the 3rd. Don’t quote me on those figures. After all, this being Ukraine, the law will change five times while you’re reading this article. But the point is: There is a huge financial incentive for these women to have children. $4000 is more than the average woman could earn here in a year…even in two years, to say nothing of the bounty that $12,000 would bring.

As for me: I dated many Russian and Ukrainian women over the past few years, and then I met a beautiful Ukrainian woman in Sevastopol. We got married in her hometown of Lutsk, Ukraine a few years ago.

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