Is the Ukrainian government Stable?

Question: Is the Ukrainian government Stable?

It seems so. Ukrainians will tell you “everyone is corrupt” or even that “the elections were rigged” and so on. It’s hard to know the truth. But it’s not like there’s a coup d’etat every week or anything.

How about local schools? (I’m thinking: What if I lived in Ukraine one day and we had children…)
I don’t have much to offer here, though I can say that the facilities are certainly in disrepair on the outside, and probably inside, as well. But Russia and Ukraine must be doing something right. They’ve always been strong in engineering, space science, mathematics and computing. And they’re a very literate society. So, if you were to ensure that your children also were fluent in English (mostly by simply always talking to them in English), you’d be giving them a huge advantage over their counterparts.

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