Russian Holidays

Living here in Ukraine, it sometimes feels like every third day is a holiday. They honestly seem to have a LOT of holidays here in Ukraine (and Russia). Without a doubt, the most important one is New Years Eve. This is when they give gifts, so it’s almost like Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years all rolled into one for them. If you can ever attend a “Novi God” (sounds like “NOH-vee gote”) celebration with a Russian or Ukrainian family, take advantage of the invite. It’s a special treat.

To see how my Ukrainian wife and I celebrated a recent New Years on our own, down in Sevastopol, Ukraine, check out this video. (And learn how to say “Happy New Year” in Russian.)

Another favorite holiday of mine is May Day. Again, to see how they celebrate it in the very Russian military city of Sevastopol (home of Russia’s Black Sea Naval fleet) watch this fun video. You’ll also get a great sense of what Russian people are like. Fun, funny, and friendly. Watch!

And Victory Day (just nine days later)…

Have any stories you’d like to share about Russian or Ukrainian holidays? Feel free to send them in!

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