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Why Travel To Kiev Ukraine?

Why Travel to Kiev, Ukraine? WHY VISIT?: The capital of Ukraine, Kiev has everything from world class shopping, to sandy beaches (along the Dnepr river) and enough action for the most demanding nightlife seeker. HOW TO GET THERE: Kiev’s main international airport is called Borispol. If you know some Russian you can take a very cheap van ride from the airport into the city center, getting dropped off at the train station. From there you can hop the subway to wherever you need to go. Otherwise, you’ll likely pay $35 to $40 for a cab into town. WHERE TO STAY: ... Read More »

Why Travel to Odessa Ukraine?

Why Travel to Odessa, Ukraine? WHY VISIT?: Odessa has a great mix of beach life, culture and nightlife that appeals to travelers the world over. HOW TO GET THERE: Unless you’re well-versed in Ukrainian train travel, or are traveling with someone who is, it’s best to fly into Odessa. If possible, arrange for ground transportation ahead of time, to avoid paying outrageous cab fares. WHERE TO STAY: Below I’ve listed four options, in order of increasing price. If you’ve read any of the other city reports on this site (like the one about visiting Kiev, or Sevastopol, and so on), ... Read More »

Moscow Review

Affi Mall MOSCOW

WHY VISIT?: Moscow is simply a world-class city, on par with New York, London, Paris or Tokyo. HOW TO GET THERE: With three international airports, there are all sorts of options for getting to Moscow. Ground transportation on the other hand can be confusing, especially if you don't know the language, so it's best if you arrange an airport transfer ahead of time. WHERE TO STAY: Moscow has probably no less than twenty 5 star hotels. But be prepared to pay upwards of $500 per night or more. I can't recommend any particular hotel because I've always chosen the cheaper option, which is to rent an apartment. But I'll be... Read More »