What’s the cost of living like in Russia or Ukraine?

Question: What’s the cost of living like in Russia or Ukraine?

You can buy a nice, two-room apartment in Sevastopol for under $50,000. (And under $40,000 in most other Ukrainian cities, except Kiev.)

I’ve never owned a car here. Never had a need, because we lived in the center. That is, we could (and did) walk everywhere. Even the grocery store was a two minute walk away. And the bus system in Sevastopol is great, too. So for further distances, you take the bus. (Cost = 25 cents per ride.)

Food is about the same as in the U.S., and a few things inexplicably are more expensive. A tiny jar of Barilla spaghetti sauce – barely one serving – costs $7. Huh?

Medical services, too, are extraordinarily cheap. I once severely hurt my leg, requiring immediate medical attention. I took a cab to the hospital, went right to the emergency room where I got about 15 stitches. So, what was the cost of this emergency room visit? $3.  I gave the doctor a $2 tip, so the total cost was actually $5. That’s out of pocket for someone who’s not insured. For Ukrainian citizens it would’ve been free, (though they still would’ve tipped the doctor and nurse, as I did.)

I’ve had dental work done here, too. The quality of the service is excellent. Top notch, European equipment and training. (At least at the three clinics I’ve visited.) But the prices are about 1/10th what you’d pay in the U.S.

So, yes, the dollar goes much, much further here. And if you’re the sort who likes to travel, as my wife and I are, that’s yet another plus about being located in Ukraine: Europe is right next door. We’ve traveled to Italy, Greece, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Croatia, Turkey….the cost of travel is so much lower here.

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