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mark-head Hi I’m Mark. Welcome to RussianZine! I’ve send a welcome e-mail to your inbox. While you wait for that to arrive, for the latest updates and news on life in Russia and Ukraine, take just a second to follow RussianZine on Facebook or Twitter.


Or if you’re interested in learning to speak Russian sooner rather than later, have a look at our videos on how to learn the Russian language quickly (hint: the secret is contextual learning) Check it out below:



  1. Thank you. Look forward to more

  2. Hi Mark,
    I hope as I have asked before that you may again reconsider teaching Ukrainian language please ! I am and was most pleased with your Russian lessons ! So now I ask once more about you and the wife to teach Ukrainian language please.
    Dante McElyea

  3. Hello Mark
    It was nice to know some useful information about both countries Ukraine and Russia.
    It is interesting to know about teaching and travel in both countries.
    Thank you for the info and please keep it coming.

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