Any suggestions for someone considering a move to Ukraine?

Question: Any suggestions for someone considering a move to Ukraine?

Many guys are curious about how they’d occupy their time. I’d put language lessons (as in, learning to speak the language as fluently as possible) high on your list. It’ll make your time there increasingly enjoyable, and it’s apparently one of the best things you can do for your brain, to keep it active and growing.

Beyond that, consider getting a job at a local English school. They’ll be excited to have a native speaker to practice with! It won’t pay well…you’ll be lucky to make $10/hr, but you could perhaps eventually open your own small school.

Depending on your business acumen, you could open a cafe. There are two Italian immigrants in Sevastopol who opened first an ice-cream parlor and then a pizzeria for which I am eternally grateful. They make the best pizza I’ve ever had, (except for perhaps Famiglia’s Pizza on 55th and Broadway in NYC.)

I’d also recommend detailing your experiences in a blog. As you promote it and build up traffic, you could eventually monetize it with google adwords, or as an affiliate selling Russian/Ukrainian related products and services.

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