Read Russian Videos

Glad you made it! You’ll be reading Russian in no time.

Learning to read Russian is not difficult at all if you approach it the way your brain is designed to absorb language. To start, watch the first video below. You can access part two of the series with the link at the bottom of the page.

Read Russian Video 1 of 14: Introduction

Read Russian Video 2 of 14

Read Russian Video 3 of 14

Go to Part Two: Videos 4-7


  1. Your course is great . I wasted so much money on learning .I am trying to get new clients from Russian speaking countries . You are a big help .

  2. well mark having been used to your brilliant russian accelerator course ,this bears the same brilliance in hallmark i have been concentrating on learning the phrases /words,with out thinking too much about cyrillic letters and words,now these videos are really great thanks ian

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