Do you work in Ukraine?

Question: Do you work in Ukraine?

Yes, I did work in Ukraine during my first year here, and I did so completely by the book. That is, I got my “Ч.П.”…Russian for, “Private Entrepreneurship.” I worked as both an English teacher and a guitar teacher. Although teaching guitar was the only job I’d had my whole life and the business I’d sold back in Arizona, it felt new and interesting to me teaching guitar entirely in Russian. It was also great practice for my language skills. Until then, I hadn’t learned the words for “diminished chord” or “alternate picking”!

Soon, though, the tax system changed (as do all laws and regulations here), and it became too much of a hassle to properly file and report taxes, so I closed my Private Entrepreneurship and could no longer teach there. But by then, my online businesses were doing well enough that I didn’t need the supplemental income.

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