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Behind Closed Doors in a Ukrainian Dating Agency

Russian Dating Agency Not What You Think

Behind Closed Doors in a Ukrainian Dating Agency Warning: You’re about to discover who’s actually writing you “love letters” from that dating agency in Ukraine you’ve been using. If you believe that those letters are being written by the same beautiful women in the photos, you’re in for a shock. Not long ago I was in Odessa, researching a location where I might possibly open a language school. Prices on the main walking street, Deribasovskaya, were out of my range, so I found myself wandering the side streets of Odessa’s old town. As I wandered, I happened upon a dating ... Read More »

How to Find a Russian Bride STEP 3

Russian Girl

Let’s imagine you’re in, say, Voronezh, Russia for two weeks. In your first few days there you went on several low-key, meet-n-greet kind of dates with local women who truly are interested in finding a foreign man. There’s one in particular you hit it off with, and you ask her out to dinner….and then spend the whole next day with her after that. Things are going great. Too bad you have to leave in a few days. If there really is a relationship there, then having to leave is such a tough thing. Be sure to convince her that you’ll ... Read More »

How to Find a Russian Bride STEP 2


In Step 1 of this series, we decided that it’s a very good idea to learn some Russian if you’re serious about finding a Russian bride. Let’s imagine you’re now doing so. So…what next? How to actually find a Russian girlfriend? Check the free sites, first. Yes, there are free personal sites that Russians themselves use. And though the sites are in Russian, there’s usually a translation button somewhere on the page. The two biggest such sites are and Again, these are totally free sites. Granted, almost all of the women are expecting to communicate with Russian or ... Read More »

How to Find a Russian Bride STEP 1


The Russian bride industry is big business, now. The biggest players have become million-dollar enterprises. Around the world, countless thousands of men are all looking to the former Soviet Union – primarily Russia and Ukraine – in search of companionship. I wish I could tell you that finding such a bride is as simple as joining a site, looking at photos, sending some emails, and going to meet her. But it’s not. Not by a long shot. First, scams are rampant in the industry. You have individual women scamming men for money, but you also have entire agencies that are ... Read More »

Secret Phrases Russian Women Want to Hear Free Audios

This phrase book and accompanying audio files will give you the Russian that you need when conversation turns to romance. Use with caution when you meet ladies online or in Russia. Read More »